Thursday, October 14, 2010

Our First House "Moving In"

We just bought our first house... and love it.
Joe getting ready to unlock the door for the first time! Me being carried over the thresh hold by Joe
Joe carrying Grant over the thresh hold!
The first time driving the Car in the Garage

Random Pictures

So our little man finally fit into his blessing outfit when he was 2 months.Funny Face
I love him
Silly Boys
BIG Blue Eyes
Handsome Man
Dad caught us taking a nap

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Our Dad's came to visit!

Our Dad's drove a U-Haul out to use a few weeks ago. We were so glad they were able to see where we live!
We got a chance to see the Arch!
The Boys
Looking down
Joe and I looking out!
The Stairs
The little elevator thing

Grandpa Fillmore with Grant boy and his missionary Tag.

More Nauvoo

So the First night Kam and Hay were in town we found Jake up by a sleeping Grant. He wanted to help him so he gave him his passy. Jake was so sweet with Grant.

This is when Hay and I figured out that the JSA had been torn down.
Joseph and Hyrum
When we were all walking around the temple I turned around and saw Haylie in a tree. Man I have missed that girl.
Joseph and Brigham
Hay and boys