Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Sports day for Joe!

At Yokota Air Base they have a sports day once a year... everyone gets out of work and gets to play games... Joe played Basketball and he was in a Softball Tournament! It was a fun day!!
Right after Joe got a Home Run

He slid and trashed his knee! I think he also sprained his wrist... he got a little to into the game!!


Jeff & Jody said...

That looks like it hurts! joe must be like Jeff, he will sacrifice all in the name of competition when it comes to sports.

On a side note, I watch the "M&J show" every morning too! I like Geraldo on there, it cracks me up. I think Juliet always has cutest clothes...speaking of, hows the shopping there? I can only imagine how sweet it must be!!

Troy and Brittany said...

Ouch! I'm so excited to see so many posts from you lately!

Marc and Kim Wheeler said...

Hi Kelly! I love your blog. You and your husband are so cute! I hope all is well. I am adding your blog on mine k.