Saturday, November 22, 2008

Holiday Season!

OK so since we are in Japan I thought I would share a funny little known fact about Christmas in Japan... On Christmas all KFC'S are full. The Japanese people love KFC I think they think it is all we eat in the states! That is one interesting way to celebrate Christmas!

I am so happy it is the Holiday season. I can't wait for all the fun festive events.

we are going to spend Thanksgiving at Tamma Hills a Military recreation area... we are going to be staying in some of their fun cabins! It will be so awesome!

We are both a little sad because we don't get to be with our families for any of the Holidays but... we are going to make the best of it. We are sharing traditions and figuring out what works best for us... it is amazing how much the small things matter... like whose moms stuffing to make for Thanksgiving. "We might just make both." Anyways I hope everyone enjoys this fun time of year!!

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