Monday, February 9, 2009

January YOSC Function

This is the white Geisha bad pic but the only one I could get.

They made everyone draw a number to see what table we would sit at... I really didn't want to because I wanted to sit by Jill. some how we got lucky and were seated back to back! This is Jill between our Chairs.

This month the Yokota Officers spouse club... had a really fun event. It was a Tri-services luncheon. We went to Camp Zama an Army Base... we got to hear from the first white geisha! She is an anthropologist who went to Cambridge and also has worked for BBC. She now lives in Japan and has gone through the whole process of becoming a geisha. PS- not the kind that are sketchy... the kind that play Japanese flutes and dance beautifully! It was really cool.

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Abbie said...

HOw cool!! I picture Mulan when I see those pictures! Thats so great you get to do all this fun stuff!