Sunday, March 1, 2009

Joe's 26th Birthday!

We had a pretty fun 26Th Birthday for Joe~ Sunday was his actual birthday so we watched hero's and had a great home made dinner that I made. He opened his gifts... and is still looking forward to opening his gifts from family.
Joe wanted cookies instead of cake!

Saturday was the night before Joe's birthday... We went to a place called Round One... it has tons of fun things to do~ like Curling

Joe right at mid-night Saturday... he turned 26

awesome Japanese massaggage chairs

getting ready to race!

Jill in a funny spinning circle

Boxing game

ready to race

at dinner

the boys

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Moose Tracks said...

Oh I get it curling! Like in the olymipics. I was thinking you guys had a match off of curling iron or something? I am a little slow! You are such a cute little wife kel!