Monday, April 20, 2009

Apartment Gardening!

Pros of not having a yard : No mowing the lawn No bugs
Con's of no Yard: No DOG :( No Garden
So we really like not having to take care of a yard, but I sure wish we could have a DOG!
Well I guess I might have to wait to get a dog, but I found a way to have my garden even though we don't have a yard. Pots, duh... I wish I would have thought about it last year. We have lettuce, snap peas, green onion and a strawberry plant. I will soon be getting a cherry tomato plant. I love gardening, it feels good to see things grow because you work to keep it alive. Another bonus of our little garden is that we have already had enough produce to pay for the plants, soil, and pots. I mean its like I am getting paid to have a garden. I think every one should plant a garden... if I can do it in my 9Th floor Japanese apartment you can do it too.
PS- I am so glad Michelle Obama planted her garden!
PPS- My main balcony doesn't get enough Sun so our garden is right out our bedroom! Yep!
Strawberry Plant
Snap Peas and Green Onions

My garden... and up in the right corner... that is where my cherry tomatoes will go!


Kristen said...

Look at you go, Kelly! That's awesome! All that stuff will taste so good, I'm jealous!

deidra said...

You go, green thumb! (I love, love, love gardening, too!)

Abby Rae and Jared McKell....... said...

Nice work Kelly! I admit that I have been making excuses (small apartment w/no yard) for my lack of gardening, but you've inspired me.

Clay said...

Way to go girl! Looks awesome!

Clay said...

And this is Kara..but I'm sure Clay would think it was pretty dang cool too! :)

Troy and Brittany said...

Troy and I just built our garden box this last weekend so this weekend we're hoping to plant the food! I'm so excited, too! This post made me have a big moment of missing you by the way.

The Courtney Family said...

Good for you! Looks tasty!