Sunday, November 29, 2009


The Dole Plantation. Pineapple
The Train
Lychee a fruit we get a lot of in Japan
On the train ride

Pineapples growing.
We shared a Pineapple whip
Pineapple Fields
We were really lucky and got to see a surf competition.... later that same night we saw video from the competition on ESPN... I didn't even know they covered surfing.

The surfers

Shave ice
Kisses with macadamia nuts
Japanese architecture... I didn't realize how Japanese Hawaii was.


deidra said...


You're looking so good! It looks like such a fun trip!

Misti said...

Looks like you had fun. I heard you were sick some of the time. Yuck! What did they decide about Joe's knee?

Abby Rae said...

lucky girl! Hawaii is so gorgeous. And what a perfect time to go! You're looking great by the way!

leah.jane said...

how very fun for you guys. are you still in hawaii?
oh, and we tried to find lychee fruit here for our halloween party but no luck.

Moose Tracks said...

SOOO fun Kelly! Hawaii with your looks like you had a great time! Good to know there is lots of Japanese inspired architecture there...who would of thought? I want some shaved ice right now and a pineapple! ha ha! :)