Thursday, March 13, 2008

Our Trip to the Shrine!

This weekend we decided to go to downtown Tokyo and visit a Shrine! The name of the Shrine is Asakusa, it was very exciting. At the shrine people pray and throw money into little money things, there is also a place where you go and let smoke go over you so the bad goes away...This is all I understand about what goes on there. It is different but cool. There were some pretty cool food stands and a lot of pigeons.
We also got to go to Hard Rock it was so nice to have some American food at a restaurant. We had so much fun! I love it here and can't wait to see more!


Jay said...

Hey Kelly I found your blog through other nauvooers- I love it!! I love that you are in japan! What a cool experience!! Hope you are doing good!!
Love you lots!

Pugmires said...

Hi Kelly-and Joe. I saw Jana's blog and then I noticed yours. What a fun adventure to be in Japan! You both look well and happy and I'm glad life is treating you so well!
-Emily (Young) Pugmire

Alisha W. said...

Hey you two! Noticed your blog off of Jana's thought I would say HI! How fun for you guys to get to experience so much! Take care!
Alisha (Wilkinson) Wilkins