Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas eve/ Christmas

Christmas this year was really different ... But We had a lot of fun! These are some of the pictures!
This picture was taken right after we opened our gifts Christmas Morning
If you look on the screen you can see my new DVD set Planet Earth
Its in Blue Ray and our TV is HD so it is beautiful... everyone should get planet earth it is fascinating! Me and my stocking!

Joe and his stocking!

These are the cookies we took to people on Christmas eve... they are gingerbread!

Our Santa Cookies... and one of the stockings... Santa AKA "Joe" had not put my out yet!
The Broom is a traditions Peterson's have its cute!

Our Gifts!
Santa plate and Cookies

Enchiladas! I did it! but I actually think this picture was
of the batch that didn't work ... but I did do it!


deidra said...

What's the story behind the broom? It's a tradition I've never seen before! How fun to have unique traditions!

Kelly and Joe said...

I think they just couldnt fit all the families stockings on the fire place!