Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

Joe Joe!
The Girls

The Boys!

Jeff Fell asleep

Sparkling Cider "Pear" It was so yummy! Sara pouring the Champagne


We definitely didn't watch the Ball drop... but we did get to watch a bunch of Japanese boy bands sing! Lame, but funny.

We Got to spend New Years Eve at the Weak's house! We had a lot of relaxed fun! Conversation and Rock Band that's all we really need I guess! This will be a good year I can feel it already.


Misti said...

You already had New Year's Eve, how funny! We celebrate tonight!

Kristen said...

I'm glad your Christmas and New Years was fun, even though you were far from family. Looks like you made the best out of it!! Maybe someday we'll get to come visit you so we can see you again! But until then ~~long distance hug!!~~

Abby Rae and Jared McKell....... said...

fun fun! I'm glad you had the sparkling cider :) and I'd much rather watch japanese boy bands than FOOTBALL :) Hope you had a good Christmas! We missed ya!

Abbie said...

Looks like a fun New Year's party! Thank you:) So when Joe was on his mission you wrote him but still dated a lot right? I have been meaning to ask you about that because you waited for so long for him! To finish school and everything too, thats so cool!