Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Vampire Cafe

It was our friend Matt's birthday so we decided to go to this cool/creepy restaurant downtown!

A little bat


They told us the hat was Dracula's "Ken"


Happy Birthday Matt

the food was on FIRE
Crazy eyes
Matt and Dana
a sword through the meat
Coffin bread

map inside the menu
the oil lamp looked like blood
drink menu
she had scary contacts
when you wanted the waiter to come you had to ring the bell.

The floor looked like Blood


Abby Rae said...

That looks so fun!! They have the coolest restaurants in Japan...

deidra said...

Totally creepy. But I've noticed the Japanese don't mess around when it comes to presentation. Which is good for my idea folder, even if it is creepy!

Troy and Brittany said...

what in the world! That looks super fun and kinda creepy.

Moose Tracks said...

What a fun resturant! I want to go there! It seems like they have the coolest things in Japan! I am glad you guys are enjoying them! :)