Wednesday, August 5, 2009

They are NOT my friends!

Okay so yesterday I went out and swept our balcony outside of our bedroom... and I normally find maybe a tiny spider and it doesn't worry me... but oh my I found a huge huge spider, and I freaked! I grabbed a can of raid and killed him. I left to put the can of raid away and when I went back to see him he was gone, ick ick ick! Right after I did this I had some friends stop by I told them what I had done and jokingly said I hope he isn't still alive, because spiders are vengeful! I should have knocked on wood! Because this morning when I look out my window what did I see... several spiders looking at me!
I am so creeped out right now! Joe said it was good because then we don't get mosquito's... I would rather have 100 mosquito's than one spider!

Look at this guy

This picture is so you can compare a grape to the spiders! SICK!


Troy and Brittany said...

We've had a bunch of spiders at our place and we had them come and spray and no more spiders! Yay! I was freaking out for quite a while until they finally came to spray. Icky creatures.

Abby Rae said...

AAAAaahhhhh it gives me the heeby jeebies just looking at the pictures!! I'm so sorry Kelly, I would freak with those spiders lookin' at me.

Moose Tracks said...

ARG! That is creepy! I hate spiders too! I am with ya they are sneaky lillte buggers and they come back to get ya!

Jeff and Jody said...

I think I'll be checking the corners of my closets all day after seeing that picture!! Eau, that was a big one. I don't mind them when I'm camping because then I feel like I'm on their 'turf' but when they come inside, they are on mine and then they simply must die :)

We found our first cockroach yesterday in our house - they have em' bad here in Louisiana and I totally ran around the house screaming and wanting to puke while Jeff smooshed it.

Good luck with the 8 legged enemies!