Friday, August 28, 2009

A unexpected dinner!

So Joe and I went on an adventure... we wanted to try a new restaurant. We found a fun area and just couldn't decide where to eat. We walked and walked and walked and finally realized we had gone so far... and there weren't any restaurants where we had ended up. well we found a little shopping center that had a McDonald's and we were both so hungry we decided to settle. Joe had never had McD's in Japan and it is a little different than in the states.. so Joe had a hamburger with an egg on it. I I just had a classic burger. Not exactly the night we had planned on but it was still fun, and boy did we get a lot of exercise!
Joe wasn't sure if this is what he wanted to eat.
It wasn't to bad!

Joe looks very satisfied!


Moose Tracks said...

You can order and egg on your hamburger in mcd's!? Crazy! We have had some of those adventerous evening too. Gotta love your failures and success. You guys are to cute!

Abbie said...

hahaha Thats so funny! What a place to end up right?! Kelly I LOVE that headband, you look adorable. I have tried to do mine like that, but just can't seem to get it right.. Thanks for the inspiration!