Tuesday, September 29, 2009

ok ok ok...

I think I am going to wait a while longer before we go private. New posts are coming!


Jeff and Jody said...

Hey Kelly,

I have a friend here in Louisiana who said she has a friend who used to live in our Ward here and just moved to the base in Japan (Air Force?) Anyway, she just got put in as the Relief Society Pres. and her name is Jeanette (and I didn't get her last name - lazy of me) anyway - I'm totally throwing that out there just in case you ever come across a Mormon Jeanette who moved from Louisiana and knows someone I know and we can both smile and say "small world, yea!"

Hope you guys are doing good!!!


Moose Tracks said...

More posts, more posts!! Can you hear the chanting? YOu alwyas have such fun posts!

Sidenote: The trip to colorado totally made me think of you too! It was a lot more enjoyable with you though! Kids always want stuff..go figure?