Friday, October 9, 2009

Warning This 80's Party is out of control!!!

This party was to celebrate our friend Paul ... he just got back from a long deployment to Iraq. We are so glad he is back. This party was pretty exciting so consider yourselves warned before you look at these pics!
80' chickTwisted Sisters/ Dee Snider "Joe"The Real Dee Snider just in case you can't see the difference. :)This is really freaky! My shoe and leg warmer! Ken and Patrica
Sarah Kurt "Babies in the 80's since that is what we were" and MJ. a little creepy!

Heather sporting a Mario Shirt over her baby bump!

Jojo with his have "Save Farris"
Paul's boots remind me of back to the future.
Tiffany and her side pony tail
Jill in her 16 candles dress... Paul is in the background!
Me and Jill Jill Orange Peel
Purple nails
He is looking in the mirror ... not sure that he wants to go through with it!

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Moose Tracks said...

Love it!! Joe looks hilarious! Great 80's look guys! :)