Monday, May 3, 2010

Day 7

So on the 7Th day of my parents trip we spent the day in down town Tokyo. We started the day taking the train to the Tokyo Tower. It was really neat because Joe and I hadn't been there yet. I really thought the views were great! After the Tower we headed over to Harajuku "the fashion district." I always love seeing the fun stores. We ate Dinner at The Alice in Wonderland restaurant in Shinjuku and after Dinner we took the train to the Shibuya crossing... it is the busiest walking intersection in the world! The pictures are backwards. They start at the crossing and go all the way through the Tower.
Dad at Shibuya Crossing
Kiss KissThe busy train stationWeird weird men in billboard add... I don't know what the add was for.
Oh Japan... look at the fun pants your people wear
The Crossing
Me and Joe Joe
about to cross
Mom Dad and Joe
Elevators at the Alice in Wonderland Restaurant... it is in the basement of a big building
Elevator Doors at Restaurant
Dad's Cre'me brule'e
Mom's crepe with sorbet
Joe's Cre'me Brule'e
My yummy Brownie... she is pouring brandy over it so we had to get another one... oops.
Joe's Dinner... I don't know what it is.
My Pasta
My Mom's Pasta... Yummy
Dad's Pizza
Joe and me
Dad and the Beautiful chandelier
Appetizers the bread is like the bread in butterfly's from Alice in Wonderland
Dried Fruit
The Pop up book Menu
The Bathroom Door
Entree way ... and Dad standing like Super Man
The Train Station
On the train... you can see Dad's head peeking out
Umm.... never mind
Me and Joe
One of the main streets
Another fun store...
fun store
Hat Store
The Gas pumps hang... you also don't pump your own Gas
Dad in front of Gas station
Ice cream waffle place! Yummy
The actual Ice Cream
Little school boys.
Dad and Joe looking at Train Maps
Joe and me
Tourist trap at the base of the tower... wax museum and geuiness world records museum
Near far where ever you are...
The largest amount of hot dogs eaten in hot dog eating contest
Most Heaviest Apple... Japanese english
Dad and Joe
The tallest man cut out and Joe... and Joe is 6 feet tall
Dad in the heaviest women cut out
Tokyo Tower Me in Tokyo Tower
Dad Mom and Joe Tokyo TowerMe and Joe
Boys day fishBottom of Tokyo Tower
Walking to the TowerSweet
Mom and Dad
I love this one
View from the TowerA floor Window! Joe is standing on it... it freaked me out too much.
more views
and more
And more
A Shrine you could see
Mom and Dad
More BuildingsBuying train tickets
LAST picture of Tokyo Tower
Fun Fact: Tokyo tower is taller than Eiffel Tower

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leah jane said...

this is all so fun. it looks like you guys had the best time ever with your parents visiting!!