Monday, May 3, 2010

Day 8

After many days walking I wasn't sure how much more I could do... up until this point I hadn't walked since October so needless to say I was tuckered out. BUT I really really wanted to go to Nikko since we had never been there. We decided to drive instead of taking the train I am so glad... that means less walking. The drive was about 3 hours. On the way there we had a little problem with our Tire. We were so blessed because we were right by an exit and a shop that could fix our tire. It was kinda scary but it all worked out great. Nikko was beautiful. We saw some amazing shrines and a beautiful waterfall. We also ate at a fun little Ramen shop.
The Tire with metal wires coming out... so crazy
Nikko city sign
Bridge on the way to Nikko
So sick... this is the kind girls use too. It is pretty difficult.
I love how fog looks

mom and dad
This is where you find the see no speak no and hear no evil monkeys
Gold everywhere

A path to one of the shrines

seriously I loved all the gold
details everywhere
6 monkeys
Dad washing his hand before entering the shrines

more details


Tops of the shrines

Tree tops

Cute little worker
I love this picture

This was on a random tree... freaky right

Kegon Water Fall

I didnt get a picture of the real monkeys we saw so here is a pic of the sign saying to watch out for them. I was so glad we finally saw some monkeys in the wild.Cold cold cold what more can I say

The Ramen shop

The sink at the resurant
I don't know why we were taking pictures of bathrooms but we did... they were the really gross ones too... normally bathrooms are so so so clean in japan and really high tech
There was a festival outside the Ramen shop
The outside of the shop

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Abbie said...

What a fun place!!! That looks so cool. I'm glad you got to do so much before you left back to Idaho for a little while! I'm excited to see you hopefully soon!!!