Friday, August 20, 2010

Going home... well to Nana's

Because we are in the middle of a move we had Grant in Burley. So when we left the hospital we went home to Nana and Grandpa Fillmore's. When we got there we had *Nana*Grandpa* *Aunt Jana* David* Adam* Tyler* Nathan* and *Abigale* waiting for us!! Because Grant came early I also missed my baby shower so Joe and I had lots of fun opening gifts.
Grant's First Car Ride He is such a good boy
The Gifts
Mama and Papa
Baby boy
This little outfit was once his cousins
kiss kiss
Sleepy Papa
Uncle Joe is always loads of fun
Speak See and Hear No Evil

Roxy sits under Grants cradle... she is very curious
Grants ankles had cuts because of his hospital bracelets... poor boy!


Kristen said...

Luke got cuts on his ankle's, too! I felt so bad, and I wish the nurses would realize and not put it on so tight!
His little cradle is so precious! That mattress pad looks pretty comfy. I love that pic of Joe when he looks sleepy... because that is how we all look in the middle of the night! LOL
Man, you got hooked up with all those gifts, that's awesome Kelly. How fun to bring a cute guy home to that! :)

deidra said...

When do you get to St. Louis? Even though we're not settled, I can't wait to see you and that little baby boy!

leah jane said...

kel - you look gorgeous!! and congrats on little grant. what a cutie-pie!