Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Sweet Little Baby

So my sweet little boy has had some troubles with his neck and because of those problems part of his head is a little flat. It isn't bad but we want him to be able to get his head shape back to normal. So soon he will be getting a little helmet. Poor little guy! So last week he had a mold taken of his head. He did not like it at all. actually right before the plaster was put on his head the guy doing the mold asked Grant if he could start. Grant Yelled "NO." It was really funny the guy looked at me and said "I guess he doesn't want me to do this." It was sad and really funny all at the same time.
This Poor little man is really so cute when he Cries! This is a blurry picture from us at the hospital
There was a fish tank at the hospital and Grant loved it.
My little Raccoon


Jennifer said...

I find myself exceptionally jealous of Grant's raccoon hat. Really really adorable.

Troy and Brittany said...

Oh poor guy!!! Is this a long temporary thing or very short?