Sunday, January 30, 2011

Zach Carico

Zachary Francis Carico... I love this Kid. This last week was amazing and life changing. I was able to go help out Jill and Paul during this special time. I was able to be there during his birth. It was seriously beautiful. It was a huge deal for me to see a "good" birth. Grants was so so so bad I had no idea that it could actually be a great experience. Now don't get me wrong the birth of a baby is never easy but wow to have it be so calm was amazing. Thank you again Jill and Paul for letting me be apart of it! Zach is a sweetheart. He is a very very good baby. He doesn't cry a lot which I am sure his mom and dad are happy about. He is just a cuddle bug! He will always have a very special place in my heart.
Me holding him the day after he was born One of the first family pictures. Jill looks so good she seriously just had him.
Me and Jill Jill
I just want to kiss him
So fun


DoubravaFam said...

When did you dye your hair? I like it!!! Glad the birthing experience went well!!!

Jill and Paul said...

I am so glad you got to be here for everything!! Thank you again, and I'm glad it was a wonderful experience for you as well. :)
Zach can't wait for his Aunt Kelly to visit again, and he is also excited to meet Grant! (as are we of course)

Kara Camille said...

SO awesome that you were there and that it was such a great experience--you witnessed a miracle. And I'm liking the dark hair!

Troy and Brittany said...

Yeah, wow! You dyed your hair! I'm shocked. I like it, though!

Kristen said...

Ooohh, you look good in dark hair! Cuteness Kelly!!

That's awesome you got to see the birth. I'm sorry Grant's was so hard - did you get an epidural? For Camie, it was the first 2 weeks that were extremely hard for me. It wasn't until Luke came along that I realized that the first 2 weeks could be fun and relaxing.

So here's to hoping your next one will be a better experience!! :)