Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day Three: The 3rd day in Japan

Day two was a Sunday... it was our conference re-broadcast so we watched conference and just had a nice quiet day! Day three Monday... Joe had to work so we went to a few malls. Joe met us for lunch we ate Tonkatsu! They are pretty much the yummiest pork chops in the world. We also went to Don quihote and the 100 yen store. That night we went to this really small really yummy Italian place with Carico's! It was a good day!
This is at the Italian Restaurant Paul and Mom
Jill and Paul
Dad and Joe
My dad and I found this at the 100 yen store. It is helium in a can... the purpose is to make you talk funny. Nuts right. Not to mention unhealthy.
This is Don Quihote. The store that has everything. I mean everything.
Alice in wonderland poster in Japanese
At the Tonkatsu place
A vending machine

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Kara Camille said...

Kind of random, but have you seen the spinning tops that sing and light up while spinning? I thought that store might have some? Our friends have some from China and Nixon is in LOVE with it. If you find any would you please pick me up one and I'll pay you back. Thanks!