Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Before Thanksgiving Vacation

Two weeks before Thanksgiving my Mom was able to come visit. She got to see our new house and she was able to see her sweet little Grand boy. We had a lot of fun shopping and hanging out it was really fun. Right before my Mom left My sister and her family got to come and visit so we were all able to spend a little time together. It was great.
Grant and AbbieThe Science Center
Mama and Grant at the Mounds
Grant Boy
On Base with the Nielson'sThe St. Louis Zoo
That is a gorilla behind ab's
This is at the Arch
The Nielson's at the top of the Arch
The Elevator to the top of the Arch

The boys had a Hulk action figure and Grant loved it. The head was just small enough for Grants mouth
We all got to go to lunch before Mom left

Grant did fall asleep like this!


Troy and Brittany said...

So now that Grant is out of the "newborn" look, I can start to see where he looks like you and where he looks like Joe. Either way, he's a handsome fella.

Collins Family said...

OH MY GOODNESS! I am SO jealous!!!!! I LOVE Culvers! It is seriously the best! Grant is getting so big! Miss you!