Wednesday, December 1, 2010

More Fun with the Nielson's

Before my Mom left she took the kids to a place called Monkey Joe's. It is a bounce house place that is really fun. The only complaint I had about the place was that adults were not allowed to jump too. The kids really liked it though.
Grant could not jump but he still had fun! Funny Face
The Boys
Me and Grant
Monkey Joe's
Grant and Uncle Erik
Abbie was very afraid of all the bounce houses she did want anything to do with them.
She wanted out.
We all went to the Cahokia Mounds. It was really interesting to see.
The view from the Mounds
Grant would like to eat his hat.Me and Grant at the mounds
Kiss Kiss
Jana and her family looking at the view of St. Louis
The boys playing
We also went to this really fun park
It was very cold outside

The climbing wall

Jana and ErikGrant didn't smile
Jana and Gran
Crazy faces... I maybe should not post this picture.
My cuddle monkey
The Dino at the science center
The boys
Grant and a Dino head

Grant loves his block

The boys got to do some experimentsScience Center
Abbie Girl
Joe got his trumpet out and played taps

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Kristen said...

I LOVE the "kiss kiss" picture - should totally be framed. I love that sweet expression on Grant's face - it's like he's saying "I love you mama!" :)