Wednesday, December 1, 2010


So this is a random picture to start my Thanksgiving blog with but he the cute baseball outfit on the beginning of our trip! He is a sweet boy! The boys played a lot of video games
Grant helped me cut up the veggies!
There was a lot of wrestling... it was fun for the boys!

Jack and Grant
Becka and Grant
Grant and Dad

Grant boy and Mama at Thanksgiving Dinner
Grant loved the name tags Baylee made... he liked them so much that he decided to eat it. unfortunately the marker came off all over Grants face.
Wiping off the marker
So sweet
Granny and Gramps with Grant
Oh my Brock. He did a little play for all of us. He made it up all by himself! He is 7. At the beginning of his play we asked him how long it would be he said ... " ummm probably about 45 minutes." We all burst out in laughter. He really thought that his play might take that long the best part was we were all afraid that it actually might. Oh that Brocker boy!
Josh did a head stand... he does gymnastics
Jacob showed us what he had learned in his martial arts classes
Sam did a Magic trick he made everyone smile with only the powers of his mind. Aunt Jodi helped!
Baylee played the violin and the piano and impersonated Hanna Montana
Becka showed us all of her American girls dolls... she has all of them
Landon showed off his paper football skills
Joe did the Mickey Mouse House dance
Jack played his violin
Grandpa did a magic trick... it was awesome.
Thanksgiving was also Sam's Birthday ... he had a Birthday Pie!
The family playing bingo

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