Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas 2011

So this year Grant and I spent Christmas at Nana Leelee's and Bopba's. Joe spent his in Africa. We really enjoyed the whole day and was glad it stayed really busy. We woke up at 8 so we could have a yummy breakfast followed by us opening our stalkings. We had Church at 10am only sacrament meeting. We came home and talked to David on Skype (my brother who is serving a two year mission in Argentina.) It was so nice to see him. He looks really good. While we talked to David Grant took a nap. When we were done we woke Grant up and opened gifts. Joe called on Skype and got to see our gifts. We had dinner at about 7pm. It was a busy day! It went by fast.
Nana Leelee got a bike!
so surprised after church

David talking to Dad

Grants Puzzle
Grant got a grocery cart from Granny and Gramps Peterson

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