Sunday, January 1, 2012

Thanksgiving 2011

This Thanksgiving started with the Turkey Trot. I got up early and headed over. I didn't do to bad my time was 34 min flat. I felt good about it because I haven't even been jogging. After the Trot I came home and made some yummy pies. It was such a great morning it might become a tradition for me... a race and pies! We had Turkey dinner at Grandma Fillmore's. Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Rodger came too! We had a lot of fun and ate yummy food. My parents Grant and I went and had some more Thanksgiving fun at Goodrich's. After that Grant and I went to Emy's for another dinner. It was all so yummy. What a day. It was really really fun! At 11pm My mom aunt and uncle and I went to Twin and did some Black Friday shopping. We didn't get home until 8am. It was a CRAZY night filled with Christmas tress coffee and a lot of other Crazy things to tell the Grand kids about. Wish Joe Scott was home, but it was the best it could have been without him. Miss you Joe Joe!
Before The Race
Run RunI am so glad I did it. That is always how I feel about 5k's! They are long enough to feel like you accomplish something but not so long that you die.
Nana Leelee and Grant
Preslie loved feeding Grant lots of food. Yummy! It was so so cute.

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