Sunday, January 1, 2012

Peterson Christmas Vaction

The whole Peterson clan (minus Joe plus LeAnn) went to Eden up in Ogden Canyon the week before Christmas. It was a very nice trip. Lots of fun memories. We all had our own Condos and congregated in Emy's condo. We played games opened gifts ate yummy food and watched a Grants first movie in a theater. I hope we do this every few years. It would be a great tradition. Grant also loved Jacks violin and he liked being in the nativity. He was a Shepard.
When Joe was growing up he would wrap his gifts in blankets... so in honor of him we wrapped his mom's gift in a blanket. Grant was not happy about it... mostly because it was his blanket and he wanted it back. Don't worry he got it back. Eating yummy treats
Grant and Baylee
Grant and Aunt Jodi
Grant holding Becca's hand so sweet
The clan
Grant got a ball!
playing catch with uncle Mark

Every gift open by a Peterson starts with a Christmas song... a Peterson favorite is (Santa's using Zebras now) It took me a while to learn it.

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Kristen said...

I wrapped presents in blankets growing up, too! That is awesome. So much cheaper and you don't have to throw anything away! haha

Such cute pics of that little boy. One day I'll meet him!!