Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fun at Jodi's

We went to a fun Japanese Restaurant it was just like Benihana's. I had a great video of all of us catching shrimp in our mouths... The sushi there was really good Joe and I loved the spider shrimp!

They Have a Rat! Yep a Rat... he still isn't my favorite but I can understand why they love him... he totally answers to his name "rattie" and he is pretty sweet... but I just don't like his tail. Ben riding his trike inside... he loved it! Playing video games!
Lucy the sweetest puppy!

Devils slide! This is on the way up to their house... I remember driving by it as a kid and thinking it was so cool, its amazing I still think it is pretty cool!

I didn't end up getting any pic of Jodi or Chris... I am not sure why... I wish I had!

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Kristen said...

You look really cute in the picture of you in this post! Love the scarf and the hair.... you're a hott mama!!