Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Swamp Tour and More

On our way back to Japan we went through New Orleans again! We got to go on a swamp tour... which I thought would be so fun, and it was. BUT it was also really freaky. Snakes in the trees and Alligators in the water. No edges on the boat and did you know Alligators CAN jump!!!
This is a dead and stuffed Armadillo. Weird

Air Boat The plants in the water are so neat
The wind blowy thing is really loud!
First sight of alligator
It looks like you could walk on it but its all H2O

cypress trees
Joe Joe...his hair blew back poof!

Little Alligator
Alligator following us!
We could not understand the guide because his accent was so thick... but I did understand him when he said the water was 3 feet deep and there are 10feet alligators under the water. Don't fall in!
If you can see the dot on the boat that is where my foot was and this little guys what wanting to get on the boat!
I'm sitting in my chair with my feet up taking a picture of him from above.
When ever we stopped multiple Alligators would come around the boat!
Scary movie waiting to happen "Haunting"
Once again water not land
The guide had leather skin from being out so much in the extreme heat and sun
Logs and Alligators really do look alike in the water.

I thought we were finally safe when we were by these little islands come to find out these are where the Gator NESTS are. Very dangerous!
The nest is the pile of brown grass ... there can be 70 eggs! But don't worry they eat most of their babies. Sick!
Dragon Fly
Swim away little guy
They were every where
He was MAD! huffing and puffing
The guide put a marshmallow on his head... he did like it... but he thought the marshmallow was yummy.
Swimming around the boatgoing to get the marshmallow
Going to get Joe's hand

This is where oil is pumped out of the land and these kind of things is why the wet land is gone and why Hurricane Katerina hit so hard.
The guide
Joe leaving the boat
More beautiful buildings in New Orleans
I didnt really want a picture with this guy but the street proformers and pretty agressive sometime.
We went on a Ghost Tour in the French Quarter. It was really neat to hear all of the freaky stories. New Orleans history is very rich.
Lots of Murder stories. CREEPY!

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Salinda W. said...

Hey Kelly,
I wanted to check out yoru blog before I forgot the address. Its funs seeing pictures of your trip to the states. You can check ours out if you like. Thanks for going today and making the appointments!