Tuesday, July 7, 2009

On to Mississippi...

Welcome to Mississippi... I was not excited to go to Mississippi until we got there it was beautiful. Hot but pretty.
As we were driving a long this is what we saw we could not believe it... we were on the interstate. We also saw a possum on the side of the road, we defiantly knew we were in the south.
Hello Biloxi
isn't it beautiful
The Shed... what a awesome restaurant.
It was outdoors mostly and there was live music! You order at a counter in a Shed type building and when your food is ready the cute little teenage waitresses come out yelling your first name... or what ever name you gave them at the counter. It kinda feels like your mom is calling you for dinner. It was a really clever idea.

The food is huge!

Stuffed gator!
It really was so cool!
Moving on to the beach
It was so humid... the camera fogged up!
Joe looks so bright!
We could only go at night it was too hot during the day.
it was from 103-110 plus humidity. NOT FUN!
Beautiful sunset on the Beach
The water was so warm.
Logan's Steak House
This was a really fun place it was a lot like Texas road house ... not quite as good.

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