Tuesday, July 7, 2009

New Orleans

Joe had some training in Mississippi but on the way we got to stop in New Orleans. Joe had been there but I hadn't. It was fascinating. It was really dirty in a lot of ways ... if you have been there or ever heard about it you know what I mean. The history there is really interesting. We enjoyed our time there.
You can see the Super Dome in this picture of the city
I had never seen tombs that looked like this in real life. They are every where.
The architecture is really cool

I have no idea who this is but I took a picture of it anyways.
The beads in the Trees. Mardi Gras was in February and the beads still hang in the garden district... I think it looks fantastic.
This is the French Quarters town square... there is a catholic church right in the middle. There are a lot of interesting historic stories that happened here good and bad!
They have these really yummy scone type things.
We also walked down Bourbon street as well, no pictures were taken because it is crazy.

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