Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Summer fun 2013

 Grant went camping for the first time with his daddy and some friends! He loved it. He got to roast marshmallows, chase fire flies, and hear really scarey stories around the campfire.  (The stories consisted of a lake monster that would EAT you if you went near it... this motivated the kiddos not to go near the Water! I approve of this kind of spooky story!) 

 My boys are not identical but they look like brothers more and more everyday!
 Our family

 discovering he baby brother with his binoculars.
 One of his first smiles
 The Lake with the Monsters.  Joe told me as soon a Grant woke up all he could talk about was getting home to see mama. This warmed my heart!
 Helping feed Clayton

A Few Firsts!

 It took a few weeks for Clayton's cord to come off so he didn't have a bath for a while... once he did he was no impressed.

 4th of July in Mascoutah

 We spent the evening with Ashley Brett Isacc and the Moulton Family.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Our Baby Clayton

 Our sweet little boy was born on May 21 2013. He was 8lb 3 oz. He is the sweetest little guy there is. Grant loves him so much and constantly tells us that they are best friends. We love our boys!
 Before the babe was born
 Our big boy... he had some breathing issues so he was in the NICU for a few days. He was strong.

 Grant would like to hold Clayton every second

 Grant was worried about Clayton's Cord.
 Nana Leelee loving he grand-boys.

So happy we have our boys!