Saturday, February 23, 2013

Fillmore Family Pictures Summer 2012

Our Little Family
 Grand Kids
 The Original Fillmore Family
 The Boys
 The Grand Kids with Boppa and Nana Leelee

The Fillmore Family

Peterson Family Pictures Summer 2012

Our Little Peterson Family
 The Grand kids with Gramps and Granny
 The Original Peterson Family

 Grand kids
The Whole Peterson Clan

Some of our activities in January!

We played in the snow... it was a little too cold.

We painted!
We also played with Choo choos. 

Gymnastics Flash Back

Grant did two sessions of Gymnastics this last year. It really is more like tumbling. He loved running jumping doing flips. It was a Mommy Daddy and Me class... we all really liked it.

Happy New Year 2013

Yes, that is a sparkler in the house. We really like to live on the edge! ;)  We spent this New Years Eve as a little family. We watched a movie and ate yummy snacks. Grant loved it.