Monday, August 23, 2010

A few more pics...

Sitting in the Sun

Nathan Ty and Adam's 7th Birthday

The Boys had a Toy Story 3 Birthday Party!
Yummy Ice Cream Cake Party Favors

I can't believe these little men are 7... time goes so fast!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Going home... well to Nana's

Because we are in the middle of a move we had Grant in Burley. So when we left the hospital we went home to Nana and Grandpa Fillmore's. When we got there we had *Nana*Grandpa* *Aunt Jana* David* Adam* Tyler* Nathan* and *Abigale* waiting for us!! Because Grant came early I also missed my baby shower so Joe and I had lots of fun opening gifts.
Grant's First Car Ride He is such a good boy
The Gifts
Mama and Papa
Baby boy
This little outfit was once his cousins
kiss kiss
Sleepy Papa
Uncle Joe is always loads of fun
Speak See and Hear No Evil

Roxy sits under Grants cradle... she is very curious
Grants ankles had cuts because of his hospital bracelets... poor boy!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hospital Time

Papa holding his sweet boyGramps Peterson Holding GrantOur new little guy
Mama so sleepy holding Grant
The day he was born all the other babies at the hospital were girls... lots of options Grant lots of options! ;) Daddy is the best a calming Grant down
Right before we get to leave... mama was sure happy !
Bye Bye hospital ... Hello World!

They call it labor for a reason!

Baby Grant was two weeks early... here is the story
The night of Tuesday the 13 at around 8:30pm I started to feel a little uncomfortable. About an hour later I knew I was having real contractions! They didn't feel good but I could handle them. By about 10:30 they were about 5-6 minutes apart. We decided to call the hospital and tell them that I would be coming in soon. We went in a met the Doctor. He said that he was pretty sure I would deliver around 6 am so I should try to get some sleep. I was given an epidural and felt sick soon after but the nauseous feeling passed shortly. Joe my mom and I tried to rest... but not a lot of sleep happened. Around 4:00 am I asked the nurse for more medication in my epidural. After it was given to me half of my face dropped and half turned red and the other half white white. My eyes dilated differently and I could not feel one of my hands. The doctor came in and told me that he thought I might be about to have a brain aneurysm. So we needed to get the baby out. I was told to push but not with my head. If you have ever had a baby you know that not to push with your head is difficult. I stayed strong didn't cry and focused on getting Grant out. They used the Vacuum! How fun! Grant was born at 5:24 on July 14th 2010. He weighted 6lb 10 oz and was 19 inches long. As soon as he was born I was rushed off to get a CT scan and the rest of the day I had heart tests and blood tests. I didn't get a chance to sleep at all. I am ok and we don't really know what caused the problem... maybe the epidural. I was also given too much pain medicine and had some reactions to that. Our time in the hospital was long and hard. But we sure are glad to have our little man! When we got home we were so glad that we were at my parents house. We had Aunt Jana helping thank goodness! A week after Grant was born I broke out into hives... not just little ones big welt like hives. apparently I am allergic to some pain meds. We were all so glad that we were able to be in Burley for all of this so we had lots of family support. We love our sweet sweet boy! My IV
The first time I got sick... little did I know it would get worse.
My favorite Nurse Bonnie. She was amazing!
Having fun... and feeling no pain
Nana resting
What I looked at all night. I actually found the panels calming.
Soon to be Mama and Papa
Sweet Daddy
After the big episode before Grant came
I was totally out of it!
Nana and Grant... Joe and I were off getting a CT scan
Grandpa and Grant... Grandpa likes to call him Chipper.
Waa Waa
So Sweet
Healthy Baby! Thank goodness.
I love this sweet boy

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Before the Baby

The day before Grant was born. Me and my mom! Joe and I the day before Grant came
Matt and Joe by their Championship stone
Roxy before the baby and before she started acting naughty... poor thing 4 kiddos and baby is just to much for her!
Preslie pie
David and me... a little crazy
Joe took me to get my toes done before I had Grant. I was under the impression I would see my toes during labor. boy was I wrong. Sleepy pregnant girl
Kiss Kiss