Thursday, September 9, 2010

Nauvoo 2010

On Sunday The Redders and Peterson's made their way to Carthage followed by Nauvoo! When I was in college I spent a semester in Nauvoo so it was great to go back with my little family. It was also nice because HayHay also went to the semester at Nauvoo with me. Nauvoo is beautiful... I love it and the feeling there is there.
Our family at CarthageThe bullet hole in the door
Papa and Grant Boy
It was a beautiful day
The sunsets are amazing

Grants face is so sweet here

My favorite place... the fudge shop off to the right!
The Joseph Smith Academy has been torn down since the last time I was there... it was really nice to be able to have a great view of the temple and I know that the building was not very pretty. But man I had some great memories there so it was a bummer for me that it wasn't there anymore. I did find this sign about the building though.
The women's garden
Joseph and Emma... Joe and Kelly
The temple with out the JSA
Joe making rope... it was pretty cool
The rope Joe made on my head

Time with Redders

Labor Day weekend was so darn fun. The Redders..."Kam, Haylie,Jake and Ben" came to St. Louis for an awesome weekend! We all had so much fun and really enjoyed each others company! WE LOVE THOSE REDDERS!
The ArchGrant walking to the Zoo in St. Louis
Grant wearing Papa's hat in the monkey sanctuary... it was really smelly in there.
Grant and Papa... Grant loves to be swaddled!
Look at that hair
You can't really see it but there is a lion in the picture. Papa was saying "someday Grant this will all be yours... except for the shadows."
Kam and Joe pushing the strollers.
Jake and Hay by the zebras
Cardinals Game... Grants first Baseball Game
Such a pretty Field
Our little family
After the Zoo and the Game we headed over to the Arch... it was a busy Saturday!
Papa and Baby

Funny Man

Mama and Grant BoyYes Grant ... do you have a question

What a Funny guy!

Fun with Grant

Grants hair is still as crazy as ever.He is smiling at 6 weeks

Happy baby

Hotel Living

So for the first few months of Grants life we have been nomads. We are looking for a house and hopefully will be in one before Sept 17 but until then we will keep eating out and getting familiar with the area! This is a crazy picture we got after Grant took a bath
Feeding the baby in the car... something we have grown accustom to.

I have heard of babies peeing on their parents but... yuck who knew it could be more.