Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Baby Grant

Grant Joseph Peterson: Born- July 14 2010/ Weight 6lbs 10 oz/ 19 inches long
Mama and baby Grant

Papa and Baby Grant

Coming home from the Hospital!

More to come soon...

Declo Days Hammer Run... and Mark's Birthday

Joe David and Jack ran in the Hammer Run for Declo Days... the race was pretty exciting. David won of course!
Joe's Happy Face Joe and JackersJoe and David
Showing numbers
It was also Marks Birthday "Joe's Brother" We got to have a real Ice Cream Cake from DQ!
Joe and Brock
Me Joe and Brock... david also came but we don't have any pics of him.
The Candy Bar Game... this is so so fun!

4th of July 2010... really the 3rd

So this year the 4th was on a Sunday so we celebrated on the 3rd. Really I just got off bed rest so I wasn't up for a whole lot. Joe got in at about 7:30pm and we went to Joe's house to visit his parents and then watching fireworks in our back yard with my family and Aunt Linda Uncle Steve and Grandma Fillmore. Joe and Kelly
Osama Bin Laden Firework... kinda funny
Joe and David were in charge of all the Fireworks

37 Weeks

This is about 37 weeks... it is also the 3th of July when Joe flew in! I am so glad he is here.

Jack's Baseball Game

So every time Joe and I have gone to one of Jacks games... they lose. We always thought that Joe was the unlucky charm until I went to Jacks game without Joe... and they lost. I guess its me. Bummer!! Sam! We love the Broncos too!Becca and her awesome sun glasses
Becca and her American Girl Dolls. She has all of them.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Marilyn's Tea Party Bridal Shower

My sweet friend Marilyn is getting married so we had a bridal shower for her. It was so fun to be around old friends especially since I've been in Japan so long. I am so excited for Marilyn I know she will be so happy with Kevin.
Hilary, Marilyn, Brit, Kim, and Abby Marilyn opening giftsAll the yummy food... I made chocolate covered strawberries
She had to chew a lot of gum during one of the fun games
Brit and Me
All the fun food in Hil's Kitchen