Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Over here in Japan we don't get every movie that comes out... but we did get Australia and I really do think its my new favorite movie! I smiled, I cheered, I fell in Love... and Yes I cried! I loved it... I really did!


Sunday, January 25, 2009

Girls Lunch

This place was great it is a bakery/restaurant so they bring around fresh bread yummy!

We got a new computer!

HP thats what we got i LOVE IT!

A really good send off!

Our friend Paul left for his deployment last week and it was a good send off. Joe had the Idea for all the guys they work with to do their hair like pauls and roll up their sleves like Paul does it was really funny!

Dinner With Friends

One of our best friends is being deployed so we had a good luck see you soon dinner!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Quilt Show!

If you zoom in on this one below the quilts are amazing!!

These Flowers are all Fabric!

So many Quilts and Vendors!

My Favorite!

The people I went with!

This was so Beautiful!

Tokyo Dome... they have tons of events here... baseball games to quilt shows

I went to one of the biggest Quilt shows in the world this last weekend in Tokyo. It sounds kinda boring but really it was pretty cool. These people are so talented from around the world most of these quilts are hand stitched! So much work its crazy to me!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Fun at the E-Club!

Last night we had a yummy Italian Dinner with Friends ... the whole night was accompanied by beautiful music played by the man in the background of the pictures. He play songs from Simon and Garfunkel to John Myer. It was a fun night!
Joe being crazy and Ken singing to the music in the background!Paul really getting into the song "All by myself"Paul and JillKen and Matt


Joe and I went bowling with some friends! Joe and I made the game a little more exciting by making a little wager ... who every scored the highest got a 30 minute back rub!!
Drum Roll please.... I won... really! This was a huge
surprise because in high school I got the worst bowler award!
I am very proud of myself and can't wait for the back rub!

Joe's Puzzle..

Joe's parents sent this puzzle a while ago... and during the Christmas break Joe put it together.
He is very proud of his work and really wanted everyone to see it.