Saturday, December 29, 2012

Grant is getting a buddy...

He will join our family in May... halfway there! 

Snow Day

We brought the Snow from Idaho back to St. Louis. Grant was so happy to see it so Dad had to take him out to play.

 In the backyard.

Idaho Christmas 2012

We were able to go home to Burley for Christmas. It was so fun to be with all of our family.
On our drive home we got in an accident... pictures to come. Grant got bronchitis while in Idaho it slowed our trip down a little bit but it was still fun.
Grant loved all of his snow gear from his Aunt Jodi.

 We had lots of meals with Jack and Sam.
 We had our annual gingerbread making contest... this is mine.
 Grant opening his Christmas PJ's Christmas Eve
 Elf on the shelf jammies.
 Grant and Pete the Elf
 Stockings hung
 The Tree
Santa Came!
 Christmas Breakfast
 Crowns from our crackers

Grant opening his stocking

Silly putty

Grandpa and Grant

Thursday, December 13, 2012

November 2012

So much happened this month. My mom was able to come visit. I was so glad because I really needed help with Grant. I needed someone to get him food since I haven't felt well. All of my family was able to come and celebrate Thanksgiving with us. It was so nice to be with family.
While my mom was here we met up with Jena (my friend from elementary school who lives in St. Louis too) We went to St. Charles its so cute. There are tons of fun little shops.
I love that once again Grants shoes are not on his feet.
 Grant found some fun leaves

 Jana and Erik
 Adam, Nathan, Tyler
 Game night
 Nielson Kiddos
 Grant loves Cotton Candy ... just like me.
 uncle David
 The big slide
 I didn't go because I was too sick... blah... but everyone else went to the City Museum! So fun.

 Grant riding the train