Saturday, May 31, 2008

Crazy Japanese Man!

I thought everyone should know that I taped this myself...which means I saw this crazy man in real life. Japan can be a little weird sometimes!

Our One Year Anniversary

We satyed at this great Military Hotel in down town tokyo!

We went to Wicked the Musical in Japanese It was amazing
Joe Got me a Shirt!!

A Huge Ant!!

Bugs in Japan are BIG!
That is Joe's thumb

More Pictures of our trip to Joe's Mission

A closer picture of the golden temple. not a good picture of Joe and I but very good of the temple! These are our friends who we went on the trip with!
We were walking down the street and ran into our friend Sonic.
This is a huge palace we visited. It has gone through Japanese wars and lots of time.
We saw a million Cats and a few hours later we saw an old lady feeding them we came to a consensus that she is the smartest cat lady ever. She keeps all of her Cats at the Park, instead of her house.

Our Trip To Joe's Mission

We had a four day weekend and so we decided to go with some friends down to Nara, Nagoya, and Kyoto. We had so much fun... This first picture is of the Japanese interstate we drove hours and hours on!

We went to this place where Joe served his mission and in this town they had little deer all over the place. they are really nice and people feed them all of the time! It freaked me out a little but I got used to it!
A Deer was biting Joe's bum!
This was one of the most amazing places we have ever gone to. I know in the picture it dose not look that big but it is huge and was built a really long time ago out of wood. it is amazing.
This is what is inside of the building...if I stood by this I would look like and ant that is how big it is.. His hand are interesting Joe and i really thought it looked familiar.. how cool!!

This is a waterfall we hiked up to it was so beautiful! The golden temple it is so cool, it is pure gold. it was so amazing!

Thursday, May 1, 2008


Here in Japan I am a member of the YOSC "Yokota Officer Spouses Club." Our most recent activity was a Bingo night. It was so fun I won a beautiful set of candle sticks! I love Japan!
These are the Candle sticks they are crystal
This is my friend Jill
This was not the winning Bingo card!