Monday, August 15, 2011

Jana and Erik's Trip to St. Louis

A few days after Joe deployed and a few nights spent with Great friends My sister and her family came to St Louis! I was so glad they were there it was a huge blessing to have family around during such a hard time.
Poor little Grant got a fever a few days after Joe left and ended up with red spots from the fever. Poor little man.
We went to the Zoo... it was hott and busy... its way better in the fall. But it was still fun.

This was at a local farm

We took everyone to the City Museum. The tubes you can climb in. CRAZY!
In the caves at the Museum

The huge three story slide.

Jana got a free painted tattoo because she was pregnant.

Dan holding the little man with the mustache.
Muscles in the Bug room.

The floor is so far down!
Magic House
The bean stock
The Pioneer room... Grant cooking meat with Abbie
Fixin' a tire
He didn't want to wait his turn
Nate the Doctor
The Babies in the pretend hospital
Grant playing with a puppy in the home section.
The boys fixing the car
Grant looking at the fishing pond

Grant loved the Mouse House
Alice in Wonderland room

Grant would like to exercise.

Joe's Deployment.

So so so so so so so HARD! I am so sad but I know Joe is doing his duty! He is in the right place at the right time, but that really doesn't make it any less hard. It will be a 6 month deployment and Joe will be in Djibouti, Africa. We will miss him so much! The holidays won't be the same without you.

Boating With Friends

We went boating a few days before Joe left. We had done a ton of work in our yard the day we went boating. It was a day of a lot of hard work so it was great to cool off in the water. Thanks to the Chapman's. The Peterson's and the Lake's had a great time!

City Museum with Joe

Grant was so afraid of the big wheel.
The Missionaries were not afraid of it!
Elder Marshall and Elder Anderson
Grant... Hot and sleepy.
Elder Marshall
Joe and Grant by the HUGE Whale!
I love this guy!
The Baby Ball Pit.
A dream come true.
Grant and PapaThe outside of the museum... totally amazing. You can climb on all of the stuff out there!