Monday, November 12, 2012

Halloween 2012

This year we were supposed to spend Halloween in Hershey with my sisters family... but because of Super Storm Sandy we came home early. We trick or treated up and down our street and spent the rest of the night handing candy out.
Grant on our front porch
 The pumpkins Grant is sitting on are from our Garden :)
 Grant Trick or Treating at the neighbors
 He was sorting his candy
 Our little dinosaur
Grant helped his Dad hand out candy at the door. He loved it because everytime someone would come Joe would give Grant some candy too!  He also made sure that every Trick or Treater said Thank you!! Some of those kids got a good talking to from Grant... "YOU SAY THANK YOU."
What a night


We made a trip to DC because Joe had some stuff for work there. We drove so on the way we got to see the Louisville slugger bat! The boys were excited!
 We didn't do a ton a touristy things while in DC because I wasn't feeling well but we did visit the DC Temple. I was so beautiful.

Cell Phone Pictures Summer 2012

 Riding his bike outside
 Grant looking out the window
 Gramps with Grant at the Cassia County Fair
 Turtle at the library
 Drive in :)
 Mommy and Grant playing outside
 Grant at the top of the Arch
 View from the top of the Arch

 loving the river boat


Grant and Auntie Em at the Rodeo
Grant at Fillmore's
 Jack showing his sheep
 Sam showing his Sheep
 At the rodeo there is a time when they let all the little kids run and chase cows. A few of my nephews did it. Here is Nathan climbing the fence.
 Adam is in the orange shorts
 It is CRAZY when all the kids are out there.
 The run

Joe hadn't been to the Cassia County Fair and Rodeo since he was a Junior in High School. It was so fun to be there as a family. We love Burley!

David's Home!

David is now home from his Church Mission to Argentina. He served for two years. We love him so much and we are so glad he is home. He is back at BYU now running for the Cross Country team.
It has been so fun to finally being able to talk to him on the phone everyday. Its so nice to have him back!  
Aunts and Cousins

Peterson Family Olympics

Right before the real Olympics we decided to have our own. Grant won the gold!
 Bike Race
 Wrestling and Book clean up
 Grant winning his gold

 Foot race
 Marshmellow toss

Daddies uniform 

Grant's Bike

Grant loves his bike. He rides it all over the  house!

Friday, November 9, 2012


Grant loves Baseball... he plays everyday. When he hits the ball he runs around the house like he got a home run! We love him.

Grants 2nd Birthday!

Grant turned 2 July 14th. We went to the Train Museum since Grant loves Choo-choos.
He was so happy the whole time. After the museum we headed to the mall we ate at California Pizza Kitchen and made a stop at Build-A-Bear!
It was a great day.

 All of Grants gifts.
 Grant got a bike... he was happy.