Sunday, January 30, 2011

Zach Carico

Zachary Francis Carico... I love this Kid. This last week was amazing and life changing. I was able to go help out Jill and Paul during this special time. I was able to be there during his birth. It was seriously beautiful. It was a huge deal for me to see a "good" birth. Grants was so so so bad I had no idea that it could actually be a great experience. Now don't get me wrong the birth of a baby is never easy but wow to have it be so calm was amazing. Thank you again Jill and Paul for letting me be apart of it! Zach is a sweetheart. He is a very very good baby. He doesn't cry a lot which I am sure his mom and dad are happy about. He is just a cuddle bug! He will always have a very special place in my heart.
Me holding him the day after he was born One of the first family pictures. Jill looks so good she seriously just had him.
Me and Jill Jill
I just want to kiss him
So fun

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Grant and his new helmet

Grant got his helmet. He really doesn't mind it. We have already seen a big difference!Grant ate some peas this week. He likes it a lot more than rice cereal.
Cutie Pie
The back of his helmet
I found Grant in the laundry.


Daddy and PikachuHe has a tail.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Rice Cereal

Rice Cereal ... oh boy... You can see the progression of Grants dislike of the cereal as you go through the pictures. Poor guy hates it!

He was so mad and just wanted to vomit!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

A couple extra pics...

Grant in his Baseball outfitGrant and Daddy during the storms

My Sweet Little Baby

So my sweet little boy has had some troubles with his neck and because of those problems part of his head is a little flat. It isn't bad but we want him to be able to get his head shape back to normal. So soon he will be getting a little helmet. Poor little guy! So last week he had a mold taken of his head. He did not like it at all. actually right before the plaster was put on his head the guy doing the mold asked Grant if he could start. Grant Yelled "NO." It was really funny the guy looked at me and said "I guess he doesn't want me to do this." It was sad and really funny all at the same time.
This Poor little man is really so cute when he Cries! This is a blurry picture from us at the hospital
There was a fish tank at the hospital and Grant loved it.
My little Raccoon

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year! 2011

We had some friends over for new years eve. We ate some food and watched a movie.
Grant and Colin(My Megan's little boy)
Grant right after I sprayed him and Daddy with silly string!
Dad & Grant Me & Megan shaking up some sparkling cider and making some wishes
Happy New Year!
Colin spraying Ryan with Silly String

We had a few other friends at our house too but I didn't get any pictures of the them. bummer.

It was a really fun relaxed night.


On New Years Eve Day we got to spend sometime in out basement. Why... because of Tornadoes! Since we have been here there have been some tornado watches but nothing like this. We are not used to the loud sirens and I hope we never get used to them. Poor Grant Cried most of the time. Laying out in the unfinished basement.

Monday, January 3, 2011


Some Christmas Vacation Fun

So Jana and Erik were able to move into a new house over Christmas break. It is beautiful! While we were there we got to help them move. Our trip wasn't just work we had a lot of fun too! These are some of the fun times we had.
Joe and I got Abbi the cutest set of play shoes... she loved them.
What a sweetheart My BoysJana and I playing with some candy mustaches :)The Boys made a Gingerbread Village.

Christmas Morning

Good morning Christmas... Grant was still pretty sleepy.
Nana and Grandpa with Grant boy
Nana Lee lee with the boys
Cuddle baby
Looking at our prizes from the poppers
Squished face @ Breakfast
Jana and Erik
Sleepy baby
The Nielson's got a Foosball table/air hockey table/ and pool table. It was so fun!
The boys
Grants gift from Granny and Gramps Peterson

Erik opening his Tortilla press from us.
Daddy and Grant

Grant boy
BeybladesThe boys and Grandpa playing Beyblades