Monday, May 16, 2011


Isn't this creepy!! We have some mice. We have gotten rid of some of them already but now we are dealing with this little mess they made!

At least they arent inside... yet! Yuck!

Fun in Hershey

Grant looking out the window at the airport.

Kiss kiss

Grant in his kimono

The kiddos in their toy story towels!

While I was there Erik planted a huge garden... I hope I get to eat something from it this summer!

Abby found a stick and knew how to use it. She does have 3 older brothers.

Ty,Grant and Abby

These two are a handful... its always fun when they are around.

Going to Aunt Jana's

We recently went to go stay with the Nielson's to help out because Nathan had a surgery. This was mine and Grants first Airplane ride without Dad. It went well. As soon as we took off every time Grant went right to sleep and when we landed he woke up it was great. He loved the down time at the airport because he could crawl around.
This was Grant at the Hospital with Jana

Nathan was such a good sport at this point he was still in a lot of pain and he still smiled for my picture.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Easter Sunday Pictures

Grant wasn't sure he approved of this.

Daniel and Grant Daniel and Rebbecca

Grant's First EASTER!

We had a few friends over for Easter dinner this year. Grant playing at the kids table.

Grants first basket!

The Park