Monday, November 28, 2011

Pictures from my phone!

I put a baby in shirt and thought it was really funnyChocolate World
I love this big smile.
He loves his backpack... yea that is what we call it. Hehe
Grant's First movie
He loved all the treats a lot. actually he didn't even want to share.
Grant had a light saber and was playing with his cousins who didn't appriciate it.

Grant Got this sweet bear from a friend we have in Japan... he already had the hat. They go great together.
Grandma and Grant at the first Basketball game. Dad Coaching!Grant in his cute hat.I love this manCousins: Preslie Baylee and Grant on ThanksgivingJack and Landon... Grants cousinsPreslie fed Grant pumpkin pie for over 10 minutes on ThanksgivingGrant always loves his food. sweetheartSleepy boy. I had to wiggle him to wake him up. Grant loves to watch Grandpa plays games on his phone. Grant made a cow hat at story time! We went to a fun birthday party for Roxie Ramsey's 1st Birthday and Grant loved the fun car.Balloons from Roxies partyGrant helped paint some ornaments for Daddy's Christmas Package! This happened in about 10 min. I think it is amazing how fast things get messy! Grant found some potato pearls and spilled them everywhere.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween 2011

Grant had a very eventful Halloween!
He met Cruella Deville (Liz Ramirez) ... He was terrified.
Cute little robot alien
Pumpkin with eyes
candy corn pumpkin... next year I will work on being a little more even.
@ Great Grandma Fillmore's House
Robot and Mama

Lucy and Grant
Grandpa and Grant
Trunk or Treat Line
Grandma's in Jail
Yummy candy

Who loves the jail I made... also if you look carefully you can see my mom's prison number on her shirt. I made it too!