Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I forgot to add these to the first day...

More from Showa Park!
I love the Cherry Blossoms, and the yellow Field of flowers was so cool. A Bonsai
Cherry Blossoms
Dad and Mom
Their First meal... Ramen

Day Three: The 3rd day in Japan

Day two was a Sunday... it was our conference re-broadcast so we watched conference and just had a nice quiet day! Day three Monday... Joe had to work so we went to a few malls. Joe met us for lunch we ate Tonkatsu! They are pretty much the yummiest pork chops in the world. We also went to Don quihote and the 100 yen store. That night we went to this really small really yummy Italian place with Carico's! It was a good day!
This is at the Italian Restaurant Paul and Mom
Jill and Paul
Dad and Joe
My dad and I found this at the 100 yen store. It is helium in a can... the purpose is to make you talk funny. Nuts right. Not to mention unhealthy.
This is Don Quihote. The store that has everything. I mean everything.
Alice in wonderland poster in Japanese
At the Tonkatsu place
A vending machine

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day One: Mom and Dad In Japan

My Parents Finally were able to come visit us in Japan! They arrived the night of Friday April 9th. I was so glad they could come. On Saturday I took them to Showa Kinen Park in Tachikawa. It was awesome because the Cherry Blossoms were out. Joe got back from a two week training that night It was so good to have him back home and to have my parents with us!
This is a place in showa park that shows how Japan was a long time ago.
Mom and Dad with the Cherry Blossoms... it kinda looks like snow.
Me and Dad
All of us.
If you look in the water it is full of Cherry Blossom Petals!
Me and Dad
So Pretty
Flower shaped Flowers
Bonsai Garden
These trees are soooooooo old

Cute Turtles
Japanese Gardens

Cherry Blossoms
Joe flew in right in time to eat dinner with us at St. Marks Bakery. One of our favorite restaurants!
Waiting area... with cute little Japanese chef
Me Joe and Dad

A great first day for my parents in Japan

Monday, April 5, 2010

Japanese Baby Shower!

So Saturday April 3rd was my Baby shower here in Japan. My friend Jill Carico threw it for me... She did a great job... so great that we forgot to get a picture together :(. But besides the picture we didn't take every thing went so well.

Me 6 months along
Me and Jill Pierson

The cake and punch table
The cakes, my friend Joanna got them made for the shower.

Cakes Cakes Cakes
FriendsParty favors and Diaper Cake

Sarah Russel, Amy Andrews, Becky Lane, and me!
The food table that was provided by many lovely ladies from our branch

"Yokota Military Branch" My Plate Side View... and me talking to my dear friend Kat Young... Jill Carico's in the Background!
Alison Wilson, Sarah, Amy, Becky... and the gifts

A set of fun baby books.
Diaper Cake and The Gifts
Little boy shoes
The Young women's made me a bunch of bibs
onesie made with kimono fabric... pretty cool

Cute blue shoes
Sports onesies
Baseball! Thanks Jill
Becky made this nursing cover for me... I love the fabric!

All in all a good day and a great shower! I am so glad our little guys actually has some stuff now!