Sunday, July 31, 2011

Abby and Grant

These are from when I visited Jana a while ago. They are two cute kiddos!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Joe's Summer Work Party

It was so hot the day of the party. But we enjoyed being with all of Joe's co-workers. They had a tug of war, face painting and they even sang happy birthday to everyone who had a birthday in July. That included Grant... he loved it!

A Baby shower!

We had a shower for a friend in our ward. Stephanie.

This is the yummy food all of my great friends made. All the ladies playing a game
an umbrella cupcake cake

All the fun decor


Grant's Birthday Party!

Grant had a great Wonder Pets Birthday Party. We had over 20 people come. It was awesome. Grant is afraid of balloons.

I made some cute snacks for the party. I loved the Ming Ming yellow pepper. Celery Decorations because at the end of every episode they eat celery to celebrate.
Grants Cakes

This was the cake we shared with everyone


These were the party favors

Grace and Grant

Grant loved when we sang Happy Birthday to him

Grants cake

Digging in

going for it

Look at Grants big mouth


opening gifts

Grant BooksJoe and I got Grant lots of books

He loved the blocks

We did bubbles and sparklers

He was scared of the sparklers.



Our Family

Happy Birthday

Friday, July 22, 2011

Grant's Birthday

Grant's Birthday was nice. We waited to have the party until the day after because his birthday was on a Thursday. I was pretty sick but we still had the missionaries and the Lake's over for dinner. It was a nice night! We love Grant boy and can't believe he is ONE! Rebbecca came over on Grants birthday to help me get ready for his party the next day. She was so sweet and did some dishes... well the wrong soap went into the dishwasher and so Grant got to have a fun soapy adventure. I was so grateful she was willing to help me while I was sick. There was no way I could have gotten ready for Grants party without her!

I love this little man!

That is drool all down his chest. What a sweetheart! Grant loves his rocking Cow!

Fireworks on the 4th

So this was a very unique experience. We were going with the Lake's Downtown to see the fireworks at the Arch. We let a little late and ended up caught in traffic. Apparently here in St.Louis its OK to Stop your car and get out to watch fireworks on the interstate! It was Crazy and not safe. But we decided to do as the locals and get out of our car and watch the fireworks. What a night!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

4th of July 2011

We spent the day with our friends the Doubrava's!There were some other friends there too... the Lake's and some good friends of Megan. We got to swim all day and eat yummy food!

This was a little scary for Mama. It was a great day. Not to hot and not to cold!

Mommies little firecracker!

Getting ready for Grants Birthday!

Grants invites to his first birthday Grant helped color his invites! His face helped.
Daddy helped Grant color.

This is just a little extra picture of Grant in Dad's military Hat.