Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

Joe Joe!
The Girls

The Boys!

Jeff Fell asleep

Sparkling Cider "Pear" It was so yummy! Sara pouring the Champagne


We definitely didn't watch the Ball drop... but we did get to watch a bunch of Japanese boy bands sing! Lame, but funny.

We Got to spend New Years Eve at the Weak's house! We had a lot of relaxed fun! Conversation and Rock Band that's all we really need I guess! This will be a good year I can feel it already.

My 24th Birthday Extravaganza!!

Ken Paul Jill and Joe! Jill Paul and Ken

Ice cream cake from off base! Yummy!
Oh boy I am crazy!

My gifts!

A hotel Joe an I stayed at!

You know you are in Japan when there is Karaoke in the room!

In Japan this is a huge hotel room!

We went out to eat and had fondue... I wanted to take a picture of it all but we ate it before I remembered!

Crazy face!
Crazy Joe

Christmas # 3

The Guys after Christmas dinner! Paul pretending to be a Distinguished Visitor
Santa and his reindeer... oh yeah and frosty at the end!


More Christmas!

The Oniones "Rachel and Mike!" At the restaurant~ Jill Jill and Paul Paul
Joe and our friends the Terrvos baby Will
I think this is the funniest Picture!

Jill eating!

This was creepy Santa is falling off the roof... Weird!

This is Christmas morning when we traded Gifts with Carico's our best buddies! This is Paul! We went to a fun restaurant for Christmas! Yeah for American Food, that's not made at home!

Joe opening his gift at Carico's

Me at Carico's all of us in our PJ'S

Jill opening her gift!


Christmas eve/ Christmas

Christmas this year was really different ... But We had a lot of fun! These are some of the pictures!
This picture was taken right after we opened our gifts Christmas Morning
If you look on the screen you can see my new DVD set Planet Earth
Its in Blue Ray and our TV is HD so it is beautiful... everyone should get planet earth it is fascinating! Me and my stocking!

Joe and his stocking!

These are the cookies we took to people on Christmas eve... they are gingerbread!

Our Santa Cookies... and one of the stockings... Santa AKA "Joe" had not put my out yet!
The Broom is a traditions Peterson's have its cute!

Our Gifts!
Santa plate and Cookies

Enchiladas! I did it! but I actually think this picture was
of the batch that didn't work ... but I did do it!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Where the Crap is my Camera

I can't find my camera and I think I might have left it at a Naval Base here in Japan... It didn't work very well and we need a new one anyways but I still wish I could find it and use until we get a new one.

I am sad!

Maybe I will get a disposable one for all the Christmas pictures I want to take.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

More Christmas Decor'

Work Christmas Party!

Joe played a game it was like musical chairs but with a scavenger hunt it was really fun!

some Friends!

Monday, December 1, 2008

The Tree has moved!

The Tree now lives on our balcony... I am so allergic to the Tree I seriously couldn't breath. It is still Cute and I don't feel sick. I guess next year we are going fake.