Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Grants Hobby

Our little man Loves to watch out the window. He really thinks it is exciting! He gets excited when he sees birds or cars. I love that he gets so excited.

The Park

This last weekend our little family went to the park. Grant LOVES the swing.

Dad was done!

Our Sweet little man

No wonder he has a cold!

Grant Grant Grant.... this kid needs to keep his tongue in his mouth.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sweet Boy

Grant sat in his first high chair at a restaurant. He did really good and once he didn't want to be in it he sat on daddy.

A Few Cute Pictures

Poor little tear drop... This was a while ago but I love it. He is so funny.
Just chilling

Standing/ Walking

So a few weeks ago Grant started Standing in his Crib... now he stands every chance he gets. He is still a little young so I am really trying to encourage him to crawl. It really is amazing how fast they grow!

Valentines Night

Valentines Day was nice. Joe and I ate and yummy dinner and took a nap. We wanted to watch a movie but apparently are getting old and just slept instead. It was nice to get caught up on sleep! Anyways it was a nice day I think it is great to have a day set aside to show people how much you love them.
These are the Yummy cookies that we made at Megan's
Grant liked his dinner so much he put some in his nose. Our yummy dinner... I know it looks impressive but I actually just bought the salmon at the Fresh fish section at the store. It was all very good!
Our dinner.

Valentines Day Cookies

So Grant and I went to our friend Megan's house to make cookies on valentines day. Grant wasn't on his best behavior but we still had fun. Colin was so great at using the cookie cutters.
Colin was so good at helping Grant
Grant was watching a movie.

Amanda's Baby Shower

I threw a baby shower for a sister in our ward it was pretty fun. We played games ate food and enjoyed each others company. I love parties.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hands and Feet

Grants 1st SUPER BOWL

The only thing Grant pays attention to on TV is FOOTBALL... so you can imagine how exciting the Super Bowl was for him. He really seemed to like it and he watched a lot of it.
Grant watching the game.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Grant's 1st Tooth!

Grant got his first tooth it was his lower right tooth. We are so excited for him. Its a little ouchie but he is doing really well with the teething thing!! He won't really let us get a picture so here is a tooth my dad made.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Grant and Daddy

I found Grant chewing on his sleeping Dad's arm. I love these two men.

The Winter Storm

There isn't a lot of snow compared to Idaho but the ice is thick! Joe got to miss two days of work. We loved it. It was so nice to have some uninterrupted time.
Behind our house The ice is thick even on the railing Ice on the siding
The tree in our front yard even has a layer of ice
This window is not etched glass. It is a normal clear window with ice coating it. CRAZY!

We are glad the weather is getting better but it was sure nice to have a few days off!

Mr. Smiles

My cute little guy smiles all the time. We love it!

Food is good.

Our little man is eating much better. He can eat and eat and eat now. We love his messy face! He just started putting his little feet on the counter.
Blue eyed boy